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Listen. Collaborate. Build.

Our home building process is threefold, simple and detailed  - Pre Construction Planning,, Construction, and Post Construction.
Uncommon to other builders, constant communication with the home owner is the common thread weaving throughout each step.  

Always beginning with in-depth meetings and conversations with home owners, the pre construction process will give us an understanding of our clients wants,  needs, and vision.  Green Mountain Builders will form an understanding of the project, evaluating soil and site conditions, check existing utilities, search for green building options, create and communicate a strategy and schedule - guiding the client through every step. The owner will gain a full understanding of the cost, scope, potential issues and schedule of the project. 


Like any major life event, building a home is a journey. Green Mountain Builders will communicate with you through each development. Each home and project is a different adventure, but below is a basic outline of the home building process.

1. Foundation

2. Rough Frame

3. Rough Plumbing and electrical

4.. Weather proof

5 Insulation

6. Drywall

7. Interior Trim/Doors; exterior driveways

8. Hard Surface Flooring

9. Kitchen / Bath Counters and Vanities

10. Final Walkthrough

post construction

After your home is complete, we'll do a final “walk through” with you in your new home. In addition to inspecting it and making a “punch list” of things you want us to refine, Green Mountain Builders will assist in getting to know your new appliances and security systems.

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