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About Green Mountain Builders
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Steve, Cameron, Mary and Jasmine Abranyi with Lily and Wilson.

In addition to his degree in Natural Resources Management and his affiliation with the local Home Builders Associations, Steve is also a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, WNC Green Building Council and is on the Town of Highlands Planning Board.

It is this education, commitment to Highlands -Cashiers  environment, and on going training that brings an increased level of knowledge and passion into each home crafted by Green Mountain Builders.

Founded 20 years ago, GMB is committed to incorporating the concepts of Green Building with projects that lessen the impact on the environment, create energy-efficient buildings, and produce homes and businesses that are healthy to live and work in.

Steve and his team of craftsmen are devoted to personally overseeing all aspects of construction. Throughout every step of the building process, and long after, the Green Mountain team is available to guide you through the maze of technical decisions that often arise when building a home in the mountains. Steve is dedicated to knowing each client and understanding their needs and desires for creating a home that accurately matches their lifestyle, budget and future plans.

owner Steve Abranyi


Craftsman is a venerable title that is earned, not bestowed. A true craftsman possesses passion for beauty, dedication to detail, and virtuosity unparalleled. His/her quality workmanship is refined over a lifetime. The results speak of mastery, artistry, and exquisite expertise. Don't settle for ordinary. Demand legendary.


Doing our part to preserve the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau is our priority. We use the finest, regionally-sourced materials. We skillfully marry your land to your home. Our choices are green, including repurposing leftover jobsite materials. We follow environmentally safe, sustainable practices. We raised the bar for the industry and challenge others to match that standard for the land we all cherish.

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We take pride in making ourselves available to our valued clients. We create a strong partnership with Highlands' home owners - who are not always in town - by making our staff accessible, our communication frequent, and our exchanges by computer, phone, or text prompt and easy. Need an updated photo? You got it. Need to talk to Steve? You got him. We care. That’s why we’re always there for you.

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